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About Nath

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Airbrush Makeup

Bridal and Special Event Makeup

Eyebrow Design & Body Waxing

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My Story


Hello, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Nath but it's pronounced "Knot" as in a knot in your hair.  The  "a" is short and the "h" is silent. That's what I like to tell people.  It unique and it's my birth born name.

I did not grow up with YouTube or instagram to teach me makeup.  I was only 3 when I came to the United States with my family and we started with very little.  I started with a mirror and the dollar general was my best friend for makeup. Seventeen magazine quickly became my mentor.


One of my most memorable moments in life came in the form of a elder guatamalan mural artist.  The man was shorter than me by 2 inches (I'm 5') and didn't speak a word of english.  I painted alongside him under his instruction, following his sketch, watching his facial expressions and appreciating laughable moments, but not once did we speak of a word of each other's language.  The painting became a reflection of a moment shared between two people outside of their generation and culture.  Makeup is not just lipstick & liners but it is an art form to me and an reflection of you.

   I am a licensed cosmetologist.  I've worked with Lancome Cosmetics, Ulta Salon Company to working for Baltimore Fashion Week, Weddings Year Round Magazine and Sellino Films.  I now work full-time with my sister at our salon Beauty Works . 

  I will work with you to customize your look with professional makeup designed only for you but an enhanced version of you.

   I hope to see you on the other side of my brush!

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